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“My parents sat around the last 25 years of their lives, scared to hurt their bodies. They didn’t do anything fun, visit anywhere exhilarating, or make any exceptional memories,” said a blue eyed stranger, sitting next to me in a local coffee shop. She continued, “That is why I am on this road trip. I want to experience everything. I want to mountain bike, and kite surf, and run with the bulls before I leave this earth!”

This 60-something year old woman’s excitable words have stayed close to my heart this summer, as the days slowly grow closer to fall.  What have I done this summer that was on my bucket list? Better yet, what do I have time to do, in the remaining days when the light hangs around into the evening?

You certainly do not have to put your body in danger to cross things off your bucket list. However, with your new body, there are likely many things that you have wanted to do over the years, that you have been unable. Things like wearing a bikini or Speedo, fly on an airplane, or go camping. Maybe there are small feats of bravery that you have imagined, but put off doing. Whatever activity is on your bucket list, put it on your calendar! Spend the last weeks of summer putting into action some adventures that have been long roaming about your mind. Try geocaching, catching fireflies, hosting a party, camping, or even climbing a mountain!

Each of us has dreams, big and small. Use the rest of this summer to cross something off your list that makes you smile, feel proud, or accomplished.  Most of all, use that new body to its fullest and have a great time doing it!


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