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Dealing With Negative Feedback After Weight Loss Surgery

Hi, I’m Krista Carpenter. I’m a licensed professional counselor and I’m one of the therapists offered to you through Blossom Bariatrics. We have a lot of clients at Blossom that come in and are worried about negative reactions regarding the surgery that they’re getting from family, friends, and colleagues. There are a million and one reasons to have this surgery and some people won’t understand. If there are obvious medical reasons then by all means explain those, but understand that people still may not get it. Keep in mind that people that are negative towards you improving your life usually have something that they’re upset about in their life and they’re just directing their own negativity towards you. Hold your head high and don’t let anyone else’s negativity affect you.

No matter where you are in your journey, we can help. If you want to join an online support group or schedule an individual session, all you have to do is go to I’m looking forward to helping you blossom into your best you.