Racquel Bueno is an expert minimally invasive/robotic bariatric surgeon and surgical endoscopist. After completing her General Surgery Residency at the University of Hawaii, she subsequently honed her minimally invasive surgical skills, knowledge and expertise with metabolic disorders and the surgical treatment of morbid obesity, esophageal and gastric pathology, robotics, therapeutic endoscopy, as well as diaphragmatic hernia management as a Clinical Fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

After nearly 20 years of experience as an attending surgeon providing superior patient care in the state of Hawaii, Dr. Bueno had readied herself to narrow her practice focus exclusively on what she does best: minimally invasive foregut and bariatric surgery. Joining the Blossom Bariatrics’ master level surgical team to achieve this was an easy decision. Not only will transitioning to Hawaii’s official “9th Island” be seamless, but synergistic integration into the team culture will certainly be helped by her having had the same fellowship mentor as Blossom Bariatrics’ Dr. Matt Apel.