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“It is an honor and a privilege to be associated with BevMD in an official capacity as spokesperson and ambassador for Clearfast,” Dr. Tom Umbach shared from his office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BevMD specifically approached Dr. Tom Umbach of Blossom Bariatrics to be their spokesperson because of his experience and leadership in bariatric surgery. Widely respected in his field, clients and surgeons travel from all over the world to receive surgery and to train and learn from his innovative techniques and practices.

Dr. M. Lou Marsh, inventor of Clearfast and founder of BevMD, values progress and explains, “For nearly 2000 years, physicians engaged in the ineffective, non-evidence-based practice of ‘bloodletting’ to treat maladies…until someone questioned the status quo. Asking clients to fast before surgery is like bloodletting–in that there is no evidence based research to support it. In fact, the research and ERAS protocols clearly demonstrate that fasting prior to surgery is not best practice.”

Ahead of her time, it took the Medical World ten years to catch up to Dr. Marsh’s research. “For 17 years, my goal has been to change the way clients are prepared for surgery everyday across the USA and anywhere else. Clearfast moves clients from starved to fed as it hydrates, nourishes and comforts.”

“NPO protocols never made sense to me,” Dr. Tom concurs. “I have always felt that it would be better for a client to go into surgery in a nourished, hydrated state. Not only does it improve client outcomes, but it eases anxiety and enhances mood. Plus, it reduces costly surgery cancellations when clients break their fast due to hunger.”

Prior to being approached by BevMD, Dr Tom acknowledges, “I used my own ‘homebrew’ preoperative supplement to reduce client discomfort and sustain their bodies during and after surgery. I had good results, but Clearfast exceeds my expectations.”

Dr. Marsh’s results have been quantifiable and positive and Dr. Tom touts, “Now I use BevMD’s Clearfast preoperative drink. It’s so nice to have Clearfast; it is easily prepared, bio-available, and works!”