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Video Testimonials

Dr. Umbach is a Miracle

My name is James and I had the surgery about six months ago.

The reason I had it is because I was out for my birthday with my wife and I fell off a jet ski and I almost drowned, where I was unable to pull myself up and save myself. So from that moment on, when I had a life changing event, that I took it upon myself to decide to have the surgery.

That’s a decision that I’ll never regret. It was the best decision of my life to see the pain that I had caused my family regarding them almost losing me. To see their faces now, it’s the best.

Dr. Umbach is a miracle as far as what he does. The process that he has, they’re with you all the way. I mean it’s a struggle in the beginning, but if you are determined and you’re wanting something and this is the goal that you really want, then it’s not an issue, because after a while it becomes, it becomes like hereditary, like it automatically happens. You don’t have any issues. You don’t have any thought about it. You just automatically do it. Regarding to your working out, your daily regimen, your intake of food, you taking your vitamins, everything that you have is just natural and it comes natural to you.

Again, I’ve only had it for six months and I’ve been so good as far as being determined, that I’m pushing people to be able to want to do it as well, even not even just having surgery, just to lose weight.

You struggle so long. You do it your whole entire life. I’ve been overweight my whole entire life and to be able to do things that I’ve never done before, to be able to fit clothes that I’ve never done before. It may seem small. It may seem something simple, but it is a wonderful feeling.

The joy of being able to do that, I mean, it’s always great to have a support team to be there for you, to push you, to drive you. You know the times when you have flaws that you have doubts, your team is there to support and help you.

So, I mean, overall, like I said, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me regarding the surgery. Not one regret have I ever had regarding to that.

So far I’ve, I mean, it’s been six months and I’ve lost 195 pounds so far, so, like I said, it’s something that’s well worth it.

In the beginning you have pain from the surgery, the gas, it’s a day. So it’s not like you’re going to have pain lasting forever. It barely lasts, I was out of work for a week. I didn’t even have to be out of work for a week, but this is just me personally.

My drive, my motivation, my always working out, going to the gym, drinking my water and everything is the reason why weight just came off so easily.

I’m more than half way there already, as far as my goal weight.

So, to anyone else that’s watching this, I mean, it’s not a, it’s not a question about it. It’s not anything that you should regret or have a second thought about. It’s the best thing that you ever can do.


Blossom Bariatrics is a weight loss surgery center located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Award winning surgeon, Dr. Thomas Umbach, is dedicated to helping individuals improve their health, and live more fulfilling lives by losing their excess weight.

Over the years, Dr. Tom has helped hundreds of patients lose thousands of pounds through the gastric bypass, gastric lap band and gastric sleeve procedures. His patients have truly Blossomed as they have gone on to enjoy the simple pleasures of life again; such as playing with their children or grandchildren, riding a roller coaster for the first time, or starting to date and travel.

Dr. Tom Umbach is a nationally recognized, fellowship-trained Las Vegas bariatric surgery specialist. His gastric bypass practice specializes in both advanced and traditional laparoscopic (minimally invasive) procedures. The bariatric practice delivers outcomes that exceed national averages of weight-management success due to Dr. Umbach’s surgical expertise, compassionate care, and exemplary pre- and post-surgery services.

If you are looking for the premier weight loss surgery center located in Las Vegas, Nevada contact Blossom Bariatrics today at (702) 463-3300 or visit