What is revision weight loss surgery?

A weight loss surgery revision or revision weight loss surgery is a procedure that either fixes the issue with the current surgery or converts it to another procedure. While most people are successful after weight loss surgery, there are certain patients where revision weight loss surgery is required or suggested.


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A failed weight loss procedure can be defined as one that has resulted in:

Less than 50% loss of the expected weight loss

Weight loss followed by partial or total regain

An intolerance to normal/solid foods

Signs that the overall quality of life is diminishing

Additional health issues caused by the procedure


Why do surgeries fail?

There are multiple factors associated to failure. It can be the technique itself, either because it is outdated or other more effective safer procedures have been developed. It could be a technical issue. meaning that the surgery may have not been optimally executed. It can also be the simple result of stretching or accommodation which would enlarge the gastric pouch causing loss of restriction. Sometimes, it’s a combination of many factors.


An Expert on Revision Surgery

If you are experiencing issues with your current weight loss surgery and are looking for revision weight loss surgery, it’s important to seek out a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in these types of procedures. Our surgeon Dr. Tom Umbach has performed over 800 revision cases in his career. Clients from all over North America seek out his expertise for a weight loss surgery revision.




We currently offer band to sleeve or sleeve to SIPS revisions only. We are unable to do a revision if you have previously had a bypass. Please contact us to determine if you qualify.

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