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What To Expect During Your Initial Consultation


10-15 Minutes

You will be called back with our medical assistant so they can take your vitals including blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and O2 stats. You will also be asked to take a photo for our records (and yours!)

Lab Work

1 Hour

With our lab tech, you will complete the following:

– Bloodwork –
– EKG –
– Patient Portal –


15-20 Minutes

During your meeting with our nutritionist, you will receive your Patient Binder which is important to read through and bring to all appointments following your initial consultation.

You will about tips and tricks, what to expect and how to get ready for your procedure

Wellness Director

45 Min - 1 Hour

Go over your Benefits & Eligibility and estimated surgeon’s fees

Schedule your EGD Appointment

Paperwork for surgical clearance

Set up any additional appointments

Meet Your Surgeon

15 Minutes

Take this time to ask any questions about your procedure and get to know your amazing surgeon!