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Rosie Avila

Rosie Avila staff image

Clinic Director

Rosie is an excellent mother of three beautiful girls and a wonderful wife. She is determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation she may find herself. She has always been a simple person, very nice and compassionate. She loves people and they love her!

Kaylie McConaughy

Kaylie McConaughy staff image

Clinic Supervisor

Kaylie has been with Blossom since 2012 after graduating from Pima Medical Institute. To her, working at Blossom Bariatrics is extremely rewarding because she is able to witness each clients journey firsthand. Currently, Kaylie is furthering her education at Nevada State College where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

Nick Manganiello

Nick Manganiello staff image

Client Care Supervisor

Nick has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Wilkes University. He’s been working in health care for 7 years. He is a Netflix binge watcher and avid movie buff. He also enjoys cooking, karaoke, and dancing.

Alex Concepcion

Alex Concepcion staff image

Registered Dietitian

Alex is a Registered Dietitian, graduating from UNLV. Alex is passionate about helping people with weight related chronic illness and preventative care through lifestyle change. Alex is a natural pro bodybuilder and a foodie. He proves that you can be healthy and still enjoy the foods you love… sometimes.

Will Barbaretti

Will Barbaretti staff image

Registered Dietitian

Will is a Registered Dietitian and also a fellow graduate of UNLV. Will is an Air Force veteran who decided to pursue his personal interest and hobbies in the world of Nutrition! He loves to teach and is more than happy to extend his knowledge of diet education to all those around him!!

Kristin Cantrell

Kristin Cantrell staff image

Wellness Ambassador

Kristin is a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant and has worked in various specialties like cardiology, neurology and now bariatrics. Her goal each day is to make someone smile. She enjoys hearing client stories and experiences as they move along their weight loss journey. She has been married for 15 years and has 2 spunky and unique children. She was raised in Montana and has lived in Canada, Idaho and now Vegas (Henderson) for nearly 8 years. She had a lap band over 12 years, until Dr. Tom took it out and did a sleeve almost 3 years ago and says she wishes she had done it sooner!

Lori Henobio

Lori Henobio staff image

Wellness Ambassador

Lori has an extensive background in the healthcare and client services field. She is a mother of two beautiful girls and enjoys spending time with her family and dancing in her free time! Lori knows the importance of being kind, compassionate and silly and let’s that come through with every interaction she has!

Valerie Hopkins

Valerie Hopkins staff image

Wellness Ambassador

Valerie works in the lab and IV therapy as well as with our clients directly after surgery. The changes that she observes in clients are inspiring to her and she loves coming into work every day! She is a mother of 3 amazing kids and in her free time she enjoys hiking, and using her creativity to draw, paint and do arts and crafts!

Stacy Martinez

Stacy Martinez staff image

Wellness Ambassador

Stacy has worked in the medical field for 12 years; working in many facets from medical records to medical assisting. She had gastric bypass in 2005 and says it changed her life for the better! She’s a mother of two beautiful daughters and spends most of her free time taking road trips with her boyfriend and going to the gym – in which she is Crossfit Level 1 certified!

Maria Calito

Maria Calito staff image

Wellness Ambassador

Maria moved to Las Vegas in 2005 after being born and raised in California. She has been in the medical field for over 5 years and truly loves the patient care. In her free time, Maria enjoys spending time with her amazing daughter!

Lindsay Reis

Lindsay Reis staff image

Wellness Ambassador

Lindsay was born and raised in Florida, and served in the Navy as Hospital Corpsman. Lindsay loves the outdoor life that Las Vegas has to offer and enjoys exploring the hiking trails with her husband and puppy!

Mirland Nicolas

Mirland Nicolas staff image

Wellness Ambassador

Mirland, is originally from Texas (Hook 'em Horns!) and moved to Henderson in 2012. She has a wide array of experience ranging from customer service to contracts in multiple industries. One of her truest passions is studying Public Health. Mirland loves to go the park with her sisters, doing daily runs in the evenings and going to live festivals with friends.

Kathleen Matic

Kathleen Matic staff image

Wellness Ambassador

Kat moved here 10 years ago from the Philippines to pursue her passion of helping people in the medical field! She has worked in multiple specialties including cardiology, oncology, gynecology and now bariatrics! She loves spending time with her family and collecting mermaid and unicorn items along with beach sands and stones!

Ana Madrigal

Ana Madrigal staff image

Administrative Assistant

Ana has been a part of Blossom and Warm Springs since 2014! She’s spent the majority of her life in Las Vegas and often travels to Mexico with her family that includes two daughters. What she loves about the medical field is that it’s ever-changing and she’s always learning new things.

Nicole Phillips

Nicole Phillips staff image

Trusted Advisor

Nicole brings a wealth of customer service knowledge and client-focused care to Blossom. Nicole always has a great smile, positive energy, and helpful attitude. She earned her BA at California State University of Fullerton. In her free time, she can be found playing video games and spending her time with family, friends, and teaching her dog Sammy new tricks!

Vanessa Afalava

Vanessa Afalava staff image

Trusted Advisor

Vanessa comes to us with 10 years of customer service experience ranging from the food industry, technical support and client services. Vanessa strives to be insanely helpful while leaving a lasting impression on everyone she comes into contact with. Vanessa moved from Colorado to Henderson in 2016 and is a novel enthusiast, movie buff, karaoke black belt, football fanatic and dog mother! Her number one goal is to make her family proud.

Lane Mercado

Lane Mercado staff image

Trusted Advisor

Lane comes from the beautiful Pacific Island of Guam, but she spent her school days in Kansas. After graduating, she returned to Guam and lived there for 31 years. She moved to Las Vegas in 2017. She has a background in customer service with a 20 year career in the airline industry. She loves to travel and explore new places while meeting people from all walks of life. Lane loves to help others and has found a new passion for this through the medical field. She thoroughly enjoys her job and coworkers at Blossom. She has a daughter and a son and two grandsons. Some of her favorite activities are hiking, riding horses and baking.

Karissa Estrada

Karissa Estrada staff image

Trusted Advisor

Karissa is a mother of two beautiful girls and has worked in sales and customer service since 2012. She provides exceptional service and always makes sure to put her clients first! In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, dancing, and cooking – and she always remembers to keep a positive attitude and a radiant smile!

Terrell Earl

Terrell Earl staff image

Insurance Advocate

Terrell likes to consider herself a Jill of all trades. She has worked in retail, customer service, hospitality and most recently in the dental field where she spent 8+ years managing a dental practice. She enjoys reading, writing, and having fun with her family.

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams staff image

Client Care Coordinator

Sharon believes treating people how you would want to be treated by others in the service industry is always key. She has two wonderful sons that are passionate about following and pursuing what they want in life. In her free time she enjoys exploring new places with her husband and enjoying a nice meal or cooking together.

Natalie Rodriguez

Natalie Rodriguez staff image

Client Care Coordinator

Natalie has been working in customer service industry since 2012. She loves to treat all clients like they’re walking into 5 star hotel. It’s her mission to provide a memorable experience for each client she works with! In her free time, she enjoys her time with family and friends, including her handsome son. She is also a huge Disney fan and VGK FAN! GO KNIGHTS GO!!!

Nicole Meyers

Nicole Meyers staff image

Client Care Coordinator

Originally from southern California, Nicole came to Vegas over 26 years ago. She spent 20 years of her career in child care and customer service, and decided to change things up to help people start a new chapter of their lives with weight loss surgery! In her free time, she likes to spend time with her husband of 13 years, their 2 kids and their Goldendoodle Jeffrey!

Alyssa Mattorano

Alyssa Mattorano staff image

Client Care Coordinator

Alyssa joins the team with over 9 years of exceptional customer service. She enjoys helping other and is passionate about assisting clients change their lives through weight loss surgery. She’s a huge football fan (Go Raiders!) and is a mother to two beautiful children.

Kaylinda Rodriguez

Kaylinda Rodriguez staff image

Client Care Coordinator

Born and Raised in Las Vegas, Kaylinda has over 10 years experience in various specialties and positions in the medical field and takes pride in her efficiency, organization and ability to take on any task! She has been married for 8 years and is a mother to a handsome baby boy. In her free time she loves to cook and bake and enjoys bringing happiness to others and helping any way she can!

Shawna Mawby

Shawna Mawby staff image

Client Care Coordinator

Shawna joins the team with over 19 years of experience in customer service. She loves to connect with clients to make them feel comfortable and supported, and ensure their experience is exceptional. She is a mother of 9 year old son and loves to bake and make up silly songs with him and is currently working toward her bachelors in elementary education!

Sonia Lopez

Sonia Lopez staff image

Continuity Coordinator

Sonia has a passion for helping others, and that is one of the biggest reasons she loves working in the medical field. She has been working in healthcare since 2003, and outside of the office, she loves to hike, read books, listen to music and go to concerts. She also loves baseball – especially her Dodgers – and to spend time with her family.

Cortney Arnold

Cortney Arnold staff image

Continuity Coordinator

Cortney loves spending time with her family. She is married to a Marine Veteran and has two children and 3 bonus children. Cortney loves learning and is an Ultrasound Tech and Dental Assistant, and she has been in the medical field for over 10 years. Making people happy is always Cortney’s goal in life. In her free time, she enjoys going to the movies, dining out, and traveling.

Jackie Jurado

Jackie Jurado staff image

Continuity Coordinator

Jackie has over 10 years of customer service under her belt. She understands the importance of customer satisfaction by going above and beyond for clients; helping in any way she can. Family is number one for her and always will be! Jackie is always smiling and goofing around but knows when it’s time to get down to business.

Miriam Avila

Miriam Avila staff image

Companion Care

Miriam has been in the medical field since 2006 and has worked in many specialities including pediatrics, family practice and chiropractic. She is a phlebotomist, medical assistant and certified chiropractors assistant. Miriam LOVES what she does and thrives on helping others. Miriam has been married 16 years and has two children. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, going to the movies and dancing – and being by the beach as much as possible!

Stefanie Martin

Stefanie Martin staff image

Cardiac Sonographer

Stef is an ARDMS board-certified Cardiac Sonographer, graduating from the College of Southern NV and spending over 15 years in customer service. She is a proud Las Vegas Native, and spends her spare time with her fiancé going on walks or hikes, cooking and watching movies. Family dinners are her absolute favorite, because family is #1. Stef is beyond grateful to be part of the Blossom Family! Seeing the excitement and determination of each patient is rewarding and inspiring!

Amber Speakman

Amber Speakman staff image

Cardiac Sonographer

Amber grew up in Northern California but has lived in Las Vegas for most of her life. She is married and has three beautiful children, and was fortune enough to be a stay at home mom when they were young. Now, Amber is enjoying a rewarding career as a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer! In her free time, she loves camping and vacationing with her family, going out dancing with her girlfriends, and loves a good Pinterest project!

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