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Man, it’s been a crazy journey so far! How did it all start? Check it out!

I’m speechless. Honestly! What do you say to the success of bettering your life? There are no words that can describe the feeling of becoming almost an entire new person. Don’t get me wrong, I am still me but, a better version. I started this journey months ago with a different company that led me through multiple tests, appointments and more that were not needed. I was weeks from surgery and they delayed, told me to try and reschedule in a few weeks. I was upset, mad and felt betrayed. At this point I was 410+ lbs, dieting was hard, working out felt impossible. Knowing I wanted the gastric sleeve surgery, I began to look around the valley to find a new office & doc that could help me get my weightloss started. In September I met Bridgette and Dr Tom @ Blossom Bariatrics here in Vegas. They were not only so nice but came off more than eager to help me win the weightloss war. I began the pre surgery diet, which lasted about 2-3 weeks. Surgery day came & I weighed in @ 391…still HUGE! Fast forward to Monday of this week, December 7th, two months post surgery & I weigh 331 pounds. That’s 60 pounds since surgery and almost 100 since my consultation. For the first time, in maybe forever…I’m starting to feel good about the way I look!

I know surgery can be viewed as VERY SERIOUS, and it really should be treated that way. Your health is important, grab it by the throat and take control with the help of a very trusted doctor and his team, which to be honest will feel more like family as they take this journey with you!

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