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big d update 12140080_10206499935590733_746882928277004115_oWednesday, October 7th @ 530am, my alarm goes off on the morning of my surgery. I had to shower, get ready and drink a pre surgery drink that would help me stay full & hydrated. My wife and I were out the door by 630a and checked into the Warm Springs Surgical Center, which is located right next to Blossom Bariatrics. We walked in and I was brought to a changing room where I put on my gown & socks. Once I was laid in the bed in my area I was able to have people come back. My pre surgery was a little different from most because I had Finn, who was taking pictures & video of the entire procedure, Catherine who is an amazing Account Exec from iHeartMedia & my amazing wife, Leah!

12112162_10206897716774402_8707382715127786596_nThe day of my Gastric Sleeve surgery came so fast but Bridgette & the crew @ Blossom Bariatrics made sure I was more than ready. The clock hit 8am and I was being wheeled into surgery. I’ll never forget the chill in the room as the door closed. It was almost symbolic. On the other side of that surgery room door I left the “old me!” I left bad food choices, eating huge meals, binge eating, eating candy, drinking soda, all the things that created a 400+ pound version of me, I left behind. I said, “old me,” but don’t get me wrong, I’m the same guy but I was in a dire situation, I HAD to improve my life & thanks to Dr. Umbach & Blossom Bariatrics I was getting that opportunity. They adjusted my bed to lay flat, adjusted my neck, gave me oxygen & before you know it I was out…

12144750_10206884417721934_1640469707734651248_nOnce I came to, I’ll be honest, I was in pain. Not trying to scare you away but let’s be honest, I just had a major surgery. Pain doesn’t hang on forever and as soon as the staff woke me up I was walking up and down the hall. First with a walker, up and down, then with my IV bag holder. After a handful of trips up and down the hall I was walking by myself. Before you knew it I was home and resting, drinking plenty of fluids and on my way to fully recovering.

I have another new blog coming this week to recap my last 7 days post surgery. Please stay in touch and if you have any questions just ask here -> [email protected]

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Big D

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