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I have to start this blog off by saying THANK YOU to Dr Tom, Bridgette & the entire staff @ Blossom Bariatrics here in Vegas. They have been so amazing and I wouldn’t be anywhere close without their help, partnership and friendship. It isn’t just, “Here is your surgery, have fun & good luck!” It’s about an entire change of life. They make sure you’re healthy enough, have the education and most importantly the education to take this new you and be as successful as possible. PLEASE, if you or a friend need to get their weight under control, reach out. My friends @ Blossom will treat you like family. Check them out here ->

Ok, now onto your regularly scheduled reading:
Getting SOOOOOOOOO close to that 100lbs lost mark. I’m fighting everyday to get there & I will be there very soon. My amazing wife was looking through some older pictures and she found one from when I worked for KDWB radio in Minneapolis. We were doing an event with Jason Derulo and, well, I WAS HUGE!! We put it side by side with a picture from today! You gotta see this:

big d weight loss 945568_10207451391815932_7599959830878951566_n

As I got closer to my surgery date I was a little nervous to share. I don’t want to ever come off like, “Hey, having touble with your weight? Well I’m not anymore, HAHAHAHA!” I’ve seen people lose weight and just come off arrogant and rude about it. This journey isn’t just for me, it’s for my wife, my family, friends and YOU. With blogging, taking way too many pics and sharing everything along the way I hope to inspire someone else to get on board and make this change. There really wasn’t anyone that pushed me towards surgery or was someone I looked at who successfully had a procedure done. After numerous talks with my wife, we decided together that this was a great opportunity to make a change I’ve struggled with for years and that is to make me the best & most healthy version of me.

So the holidays came & went, the new year is here and I MADE IT! I went through the holiday/NYE break and I still lost weight. Some people have a hang up on getting a weightloss surgery because of how it changes the way you eat forever but that’s a good thing. You have to know, I would eat & EAT & Eat & eaT &…well you get it. My stomach felt like it was actually a bottomless pit. These past few weeks I stayed on track. I’m eating actual grocery store food, chicken, eggs, ya know, good filling proteins. Mix in some veggies and BOOM…I’m losing weight! I’m right around 314 pounds now & will be closing in on 100lbs lost in the next week. Sorry if I get to rambling in these blogs but I’m very passionate about my Gastric Sleeve surgery, the results and sharing with you. I more than appreciate of all of the support. Please keep up with me on my social media pages:


Also, I want to say a huge thank you to a few others, my amazing wife, Leah. She has had the strength of about 100 wives in helping me with this life change. I love her to death and as much help and support I have means nothing without her by my side. Finn, BIG OL THANKS to him. He is the man saddled with the job of documenting my journey thru pictures. Catherine, I’ve worked with a lot of AEs in radio but she took a huge chance on letting me meet with a very close client she had built a great relationship with already. She could have easily just said no and shut it down. Thanks to her because without that initial meeting I could still be sitting here miserable and still weighing in at over 400 lbs.

Thanks for reading…more coming soon, PROMISE!

Big D