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12247981_10207097399566347_8660748095903930704_oJust shy of 6 weeks in and I’ve lost a 7 year old. Wait, don’t freak out, there really is no missing child I’m just saying I’m losing a lot of weight, like another small person….Ya know what? Let’s try again… Just shy of 6 weeks in and I’m way less of a man than before….AHHH! That sounds worse. Ok, let’s make this simple…I’M LOSING A TON OF WEIGHT!! Better! I began this journey 2+ months ago and weighed in at over 410 lbs. After the pre surgery diet, the surgery itself and now eating healthy and smaller portions I’m down 50 lbs since surgery. There are small battles that I’ve faced over my first 6 week but it’s so worth it. The question I am asked most is, well other than, HOW GREAT DO YOU FEEL, is, aren’t you hungry? As a bigger guy I honestly ate my face off. Pizza, fast food, 4-5 full meals a day sometimes but, am I hungry? NO! My stomach is over 80% smaller now and I’m eating the right amount and the best part is I’m eating healthy. Do I miss the fast food or crave the pizza and pasta I was raised on? To be honest, YES, but there is more to it than a simple yes. Do I crave the taste & eating it? NO! You learn fast that all of the trashy foods you’re eating are not something your stomach is craving, it’s all mental. Mentally sometimes I miss a drive thru or eating a huge pizza while I’m watching my 7-2 MN Vikings on a Sunday, but, it’s mental. I’m plenty satisfied with my smaller meals now which are more healthy and actually help me lose weight.

My wife and I are getting a gym membership this week and then it’s time to hit the gym to help this weight fall off a little faster. Next blog I’ll update you how tired I am from working out! HAHAHA!

This weightloss journey has been made possible for me by the amazing Dr Tom & his staff @ Blossom Bariatrics here in Vegas. Please, if you want to lose weight for any reason, check them out and mention you read my blog. They care about you, your life, health and the journey to a better you.

Big D