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Bariatric surgery has gone through quite an evolution over the last 20 years. In years past, bariatric surgeries and surgical procedures were done by making large, open incisions on the patient’s body, forcing patients to stay and recuperate in the hospital for a week – or multiple weeks – as they recovered from the physical toll of these procedures. Mortality rates for these traditional bariatric procedures were often high, with a greater risk of post-op complications for patients.

All of these factors have generally made bariatric surgery less palatable for the general population. In more recent years, however, as more procedures have been completed and technology has improved, bariatric surgeons and facilities that specialize in these procedures have moved to utilize minimally invasive procedures with much higher safety profiles, which have heavily mitigated mortality and complication rates from these procedures. So much so, in fact, that with proper patient selection (i.e., considering patient-specific health conditions and medical requirements), these procedures are safe to complete as an outpatient, rather than as an inpatient.

The benefits of performing these procedures not only on outpatients but in a specialized outpatient ambulatory surgery center (ASC) is that risks of patient safety, as well as mortality complication rates, are severely lower. At the same time, levels of patient satisfaction and patient comfort are heightened and brought to the next level. This also helps drive down the total costs of the procedure for the patient from all avenues.

“For example,” says Dr. Matt Apel, Blossom Bariatrics senior surgeon, “if you own a Cadillac that needs work, do you take it to the shop that fixes all cars and costs more, or do you take it to the shop that specializes in mechanical work and repair on Cadillacs, specifically, that also costs less?”

According to Apel, this is the advantage of undergoing bariatric surgery with a designated team of specialists such as those at Blossom Bariatrics. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, Blossom Bariatrics is an industry leader in specialized bariatric surgeries and procedures, catering specifically to traveling clients who are seeking a true and permanent solution to their weight loss journeys. Their office offers consults to surgery in as little as five days and includes all fees, testing, and clearances – including hotel stays for traveling patients, as well as VIP transportation to and from all appointments and superior post-op care and attention.

In comparison, the more “traditional” route for patients seeking bariatric surgery can take between six-to-nine months with multiple required visits for consultations with their surgeon and bariatric healthcare team. This process can cause patients added stress due to strict orders against gaining additional weight prior to or immediately after their bariatric surgery to gain clearance to enter and/or leave the outpatient facility, on top of the typical risks or complications that may occur during the procedure.

Patients seeking the most up-to-date bariatric procedures and truly customized one-on-one care have flocked to Blossom Bariatrics since they began offering bariatric solutions in 2008. Though their team of bariatric specialists started by only handling some four patient cases per week, their team and facilities are now equipped to handle the roughly 150 to 170 patient cases they observe every month.

“We have a specialized team that only works specifically with bariatric surgery patients,” Apel continues, “so that our team is especially fine-tuned to the unique needs and struggles of each patient.”

As Apel explains, Blossom Bariatrics’s operating room (OR), as well as their equipment, in-house staff, and even their building facilities help to ensure that patients can recover with a severely lower risk of contracting illness or infections, which, in turn, likewise lowers the risk of their patients contracting potentially lethal hospital-acquired infections.

To add to these benefits even further, Apel also mentions that Blossom Bariatrics possesses the highest standard of sterilization and cleanliness in their OR, inpatient, and outpatient centers.

“We have enhanced recovery protocols to get patients back home,” Apel says, “and get our patients on the road to recovery, so that they can start feeling normal as soon as possible. We use unique anesthesia protocols to minimize post-op complications such as pain and nausea, while simultaneously reducing the patient’s risk of post-op narcotic use, constipation, and risk of perioperative complications.”

Blossom Bariatrics sets itself to this higher standard of surgical procedure and patient care because their team firmly believes in providing superior surgical outcomes in a safer and more comfortable setting, which they strive to create for their patients each and every day.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Blossom Bariatrics’s team of compassionate professionals are dedicated to providing individualized client experiences, radically innovative services, and superior surgical skills in our exclusive outpatient surgery center.

Their program is designed to provide a safe, efficient option to affordable weight loss surgery – in a condensed timeframe! There are no referrals, clearances, or pre-surgical testing required prior to your arrival. Comprehensive consultation, testing and surgery is completed in-house in as little as four days and includes hotel accommodations & VIP ground transportation to and from all appointments.

To find out if you’re a candidate for Blossom, visit www.Blossom.Com or call 855-BLOSSOM!