What Is It?

Adjustable Gastric Banding (also known as Lap Band) is a purely restrictive surgical procedure in which a small band is placed around the uppermost part of the stomach. This band divides the stomach into two portions: one small and one larger portion. Since the stomach is divided into smaller parts, most of our Las Vegas Lap Band surgery clients feel full faster. As the name indicates, the band is adjustable. So if the rate of weight loss is not acceptable, the band can be adjusted. Food digestion happens through normal digestion.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Before & After

During the procedure, the Lap Band is placed around the top portion of the stomach directly below the esophagus. A small port is inserted under the skin and fat and tubing is attached to the band. This allows the doctor to adjust the tightness of the band after surgery. The band is then filled with saline that fills the band and compresses it around this area of the stomach.

From our surgeons’ experience, the lap band is an antiquated procedure for many reasons – first, the lap band is reversible and there are many complications surrounding it including slipping, infection of band or port or damage to the esophagus or liver. Also, gastric banding requires maintenance/fills that can sometimes become costly.

The decision of which procedure is right for you should be a conversation between you and your potential surgeon.

Lap Band/Adjustable Gastric Banding Fills

Here at Blossom Bariatrics, we are able to accept new patients who have not had their lap band surgery with us for maintenance or fill appointments. To request an appointment for a fill, please fill out the form below:

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