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Video Testimonials

Life Changing Event

Hello, my name is Shanita Cromwell. I am 33 years old, from Las Vegas, NV.

I originally started off with my primary care physician. My weight went to 394. We tried for two years on different weight loss programs. I took Phentermine for about two years and I never ever got below 350-354, I think was the lowest I ever got.

He recommended that I look into bariatric surgery. He told me to go with the sleeve.

After doing some research, Dr. Umbach came very highly recommended by a couple of my coworkers and by my insurance, actually. I came in.

I had the gastric sleeve done June 3rd. My weight at that time was 370 pounds. Now I am currently two weeks postop and my weight is 354. I feel great.

The experience was extremely positive. It was straight in, all my questions were answered. I had no complications.

Everyone at the hospital and the staff here at the office were absolutely superb. I do appreciate you guys for my life changing event.

I do recommend, if you are looking to have any kind of bariatric surgery, that you speak with this office. They will answer all questions. They do stay in touch with you and Dr. Umbach is absolutely the best so far.