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All we can say is, “Wow!”

After challenging you to share what it’s like to #LiveLifeLighter, we had so much fun seeing your posts and the way you are inspiring others to start living happier, healthier lives.

While we have the opportunity to hear amazing stories like these everyday, we had a blast watching as you shared your stories with the world.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – our winners of the #LiveLifeLighter Contest:


First Place ($300 Amazon Gift Card): Kristi Small Meharg

Kristi After 1aWhat I Love Most About ‪#‎LiveLifeLighter‬ is the ability to take an active roll in my family’s life. I can play on the floor with my kids, I can cross my legs, I can get up off the floor, I can go on walks. My arms and legs don’t “fall asleep” and cause me pain. I was able to have hernia repair laparoscopic instead of open. Thank you, ‪#‎BlossomBariatrics‬.”





Second Place ($200 Amazon Gift Card): Wilhelmina Beckman

Wilhelmina“I love being a mom! And I was a mom to 4 beautiful boys before I had the sleeve, but struggled with infertility. Shortly after reaching a healthy weight I found out I was pregnant and six months after having that baby I found out I was pregnant again! I am now a mom to 6 beautiful children and couldn’t be happier with how I ‪#‎LiveLifeLighter‬. ‪#‎3L‬ ‪#‎BlossomBariatrics‬







Third Place ($100 Amazon Gift Card): Linda DeLaTorre

LindaIt’s been an amazing 6 months! 90 lb weight loss! I have more energy, no more anxiety, and enjoy clothes shopping again hahahaha!

Looking forward to my ‪#‎FSY‬ fitness classes!

I could never thank Blossom Bariatrics and the support of my family and friends enough!”






Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your inspiring stories with us.

Keep your eyes out for more contests and challenges coming your way! Our next Movable Band Challenge will begin very soon and is sure to make you mambo, march, or just plain monkey-around a little more this May!