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Our incredible team of drivers is here to welcome you to Fabulous Las Vegas! Carl, Chad and Dave will handle the majority of your rides to and from the clinic and the surgery center. Get to know them a little better!


Carl moved to Las Vegas 4 years ago and is also a post-Blossom patient who has lost over 100 pounds! Carl loves the Las Vegas lifestyle for the numerous outdoor activities, the entertainment and the overall quality of life! Carl’s favorite hidden gem is Valley of Fire – a quick 1-hour drive to incredible hiking! His favorite thing about his job is meeting so many wonderful people from all walks of life, sharing their journey and cheering them on as they dedicate themselves to living their best life!
Chad has been a Las Vegas local for over 21 years! His favorite thing about living in Vegas is the weather – even the heat! When Chad’s not working, he’s spending time with his family including his two young sons. The thing he loves most about working with Blossom clients, is being able to see their incredible transformation a year later – “I feel lucky to be a part of their journey!”
Dave is a patient of Blossom’s and has successfully kept the weight off for over 2 years by sticking to the program. Dave can also be seen at the front desk of Blossom alongside Stacy who is also a successful bariatric patient! One of the things Dave loves most about Vegas, is the 24/7 lifestyle! Anything you want to do can be done round the clock! He believes this was the best thing he’s ever done and the thing he loves most about his job, is being able to see patients turn into believers!