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Recently, Blossom announced the creation of a new app called, “New Me,” which allows potential bariatric surgery clients to see what they would look like after having the surgery. This app was developed by Dr. Tom Umbach as a way to help those interested in the surgery overcome fears and see a visual of their post-surgery selves. The new app is now available for Android users as well as iPhone users.

new app now available for androidPeople who use the app upload a current picture of themselves, and view the post surgery version. Once the post surgery photo has been generated, the user can send their before and after pictures to the team at Blossom, request a quote for surgery, and get all the details about surgical procedures available at our facility. Users of the app can also learn more about Blossom’s Dr. Tom Umbach, the background of the rest of the staff, and read stories about past clients. If the client chooses to attend a free seminar, or schedule a consultation, those can also be scheduled right through the app.

Visualizing yourself post surgery is one of the biggest challenges potential clients face, but is the key to successful transformation of bariatric clients. Being able to visualize the outcomes of surgery better prepares clients to begin their weight loss journey and be more dedicated to the lifestyle changes that need to be made post surgery.

Dr. Tom designed the New Me app with clients in mind to help them make an informed decision and see the benefits that bariatric surgery offers. Blossom’s vision is to help our clients ‘blossom’ into a happier, healthier version of themselves, and this app is the first direction in doing so. To learn more about the app, visit the Google Play Store and search for New Me.