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Perhaps the best part about being on the Awesome Blossom Team is the chance to watch people’s lives completely transform every single day. The stories of people throwing out their blood pressure medication, tossing their sleep apnea machines, eliminating diabetes, playing in the park with their grandchildren for the first time, or doing any number of things they never dreamed possible again is what inspired Dr. Tom to become a bariatric surgeon years ago and it’s what motivates all of us at Blossom everyday.

Truly, our clients have shared countless inspirational stories with us over the years – and we’ve decided that it’s time you share your stories with others! This is your chance to celebrate what you can do while inspiring others to join you on the journey.

Announcing the #LiveLifeLighter Social Media Contest

What’s the best part of ‘Living Life Lighter’ after your bariatric procedure?

Is it dancing again? Is it riding a roller coaster with your kids? Is it throwing away those hypertension pills? Shopping for clothes that are sizes smaller?

We want to know!

How to Play*:
The contest will run from Wednesday, April 8th – Wednesday, April 22nd.
Snap a picture of you ‘Living Life Lighter’ – What can you do now that was difficult, if not impossible, to do before?
Share your photo on your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Google+).
Be sure to tag Blossom Bariatrics on your post (the photo has to show up on Blossom’s page as well)
Each entry must use the following hashtags to qualify: #LiveLifeLighter, #3L, and #BlossomBariatrics.
With your picture, please add up to 100 words to describe what it is you love most about Living Life Lighter.

How to Win:
Get the most Likes, Shares, Hearts, and +1s.
We’ll count them up and announce the winners on April 25th.

What ya Gonna Win?
First Place = $300 Amazon Gift Card
Second Place = $200 Amazon Gift Card
Third Place = $100 Amazon Gift Card

Get ready to show the world what you can do now that you #LiveLifeLighter!


Example Post:

20150203_110618Here’s me doing a tree pose after hiking to the top of Black Mountain. This picture symbolizes so much to me. I love what my body can do and the freedom I feel from my old self now that I #LiveLifeLighter.
#3L #Blossom Bariatrics


*Disclaimer: Any contestant may enter as many times as possible. Entries will be considered received only if they have all three above described hashtags attached to the original post. Any photos uploaded and shared after April 22nd will not be considered official entries and will not qualify for any prizes.