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Video Testimonials

Totally Happy, Totally Satisfied

Hello, my name is Kenneth Stotts and I have been coming here to Blossom Bariatrics, Dr. Umbach’s office for a little bit over a year now. The experience has been great.

I had the surgery on September 5th. Previous to that in all your office visits, you kept hearing no matter bad you feel, whether you have gained a little bit of weight since the last one and you are beating yourself up, when you leave the office you feel good.

They make you feel good about yourself. Everyone from the receptionist, Ruth, to the insurance people, Mindy, and the other staff, the doctor himself, are very patient with you. They are very diligent with answering your questions and stuff and making you feel good about yourself in a time when you don’t feel good about yourself.

It was a good experience. Coming up to my surgery, on September 5th, I was a little bit apprehensive, a little bit scared. They are there with you. There is somebody there with you before the surgery and after the surgery.

I am a diabetic and was doing insulin five times a day and on many medications since the surgery. Today is September 18th, thirteen days since the surgery, it has been 12 days since I have been required to do insulin. My numbers have all come down to within normal range. I am so happy.

I have lost 42 pounds now. My quality of life is already improving. I have a little more giddy-up in my step. I enjoy life a little bit more. I just can’t wait until I get down to my goal weight.

The people here at Blossom have referred me to other physicians, for other problems, with heart problems, and such, and a primary care physician. In the time that I have come here, it has been a little bit over a year now, I have never felt better than the 23 years previously that I have been living here without seeing a doctor.

I was going to UMC. Since coming over here and having referrals to these other physicians, before the surgery I was feeling good, but nothing like after the surgery. It just takes a little bit of commitment. They help you get over that fear. Once you are there, here I go, today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I look forward to the quality of life now, rather than the ho hum of life, to get up and get out of your seat and be able to play with the grandkids, to be able to go places and do things. I am totally happy, totally satisfied, and look forward to the next many years of my life, now that they have given them to me.