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Dr. Thomas Umbach did my Lap Band surgery on August 18, 2010. I have had no problems at all since the surgery, one month ago. This may be due to the education Dr. Umbach insists his patients get. Every monthly visit was spent with Dr. Umbach personally, and I was given whatever time I needed to ask questions and review my progress to that point. Friends who used other surgeons here in town, only saw them once before surgery and less than a minute in the OR. Before and after surgery, Dr. Umbach spoke with me and made sure I had answers to any concerns I may have had. My surgery was performed at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, NV and they were extraordinary in the care they gave me. I was given about an hour of personal education there before I went home and was given copies of everything we discussed for later perusal. I just had my 1st visit with him since surgery and once again spent time with Dr. Umbach being praised for my progress. His office staff is courteous, kind and very encouraging! Both he and his staff are personally involved in my care and aftercare! It’s very much like having family members involved, rather than medical professionals, because they all care so much about even small steps of progress I make! I would recommend Dr. Umbach to anyone considering weight loss surgery. These are, of course, my personal opinions. The only negative was that at first I didn’t think he liked me at all, but as time went on, I realized I was mistaken and he thought me to be not only intelligent, but capable of following his instructions and doing the best for myself.



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