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Traveling allows you to unwind, reduce stress, and even reduce risk of heart attacks! Regardless of intentions, it can be difficult to stick with your exercise program while traveling, but travel doesn’t have to result in a complete interruption of your healthy habits. Here are a few tips to help you plan on not leaving home without the proper exercise routine at your fingertips.

exercise and travel 793383_sAccommodations

Since your home gym will not fit in your suitcase, be inventive and get a workout in between the visiting and traveling. When booking your trip, check on the fitness amenities offered by hotels you consider-whether it’s a swimming pool, or an onsite gym. If you are staying somewhere these amenities are not offered, find out if there is a local park or gym nearby. Many gyms will offer day or weekly passes for a minimal charge.


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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can work every muscle group on your body. They are always low resistance which is good for your joints, and they can even roll up and fit right in your suitcase! Resistance bands are available for purchase through online retailers like Amazon, or Walmart or even at a sporting goods store. Included with the purchase is a list of example exercises to try for an all over body workout!

Tourist Attractions

exercise and travel vacacollage

Depending upon where you are traveling, some tourist hot spots may also be able to double as a workout. Try bicycling, hiking, swimming, group tours on foot, a long walk on the beach, or even a brisk walk around the neighborhood you are visiting.

Think outside your normal scope of exercise, you may be surprised at the new activities you will enjoy!