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Spring! It’s a time of fresh outlooks, new beginnings, renewal and vibrant style. Spring cleaning includes your closet, so make some changes to your image that reflect the spirit of the season.

Here are 6 tips to ease the transition from winter attire to radiant spring styles:

  • Winter Fabrics in Spring Colors… Blending seasonal elements is a great way to extend your wardrobe as you transition from the dark, heavy winter wear to lighter spring colors and fabrics.
  • Lighter Fabrics in Deeper Colors… Welcome warmer weather with breathable cotton and light-as-air silks. Select outfits with a simple flow that embody weightlessness and comfort. Infuse lighter colors as you fully embrace the season.
  • Transitional Lengths and Styles… Three-quarter length sleeves are perfect for spring so you stay comfortable while showing a little skin.
  • Open-toed Shoes… It’s freedom for your toes, so schedule your pedicure and pull out more revealing footwear.
  • Pack Away Winter Clothes… When clothes are crammed so tightly they blend together, it’s difficult to see all available options. Clear out, make space and optimize your currently existing wardrobe.
  • Chuck Items that Don’t Fit… You should feel good and look fabulous in your clothes. Get rid of items that are too small, too big or don’t flatter your current body type.  Accept yourself as you are now and adopt a game plan for transformation.
There’s no excuse to stop you from springing into spring and boosting your self-esteem with clothes that look great on you. When you implement these tips and update your personal style to match the freshness and beauty of the season, you’ll really blossom!
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