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This year you may be dreading the holiday festivities for fear of irresistible dishes. To help you stick to your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you get through the holiday meals, desserts and tempting snacks.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead, and know what you are going to say to politely turn down Great Aunt Ruth’s famous cornbread stuffing. A simple “Wow, that looks delicious, but no thank you,” can work. Or, “No thank you, I am already full.”

Change the Subject

If people notice you are not eating and you feel you are in the spotlight, try this: “I am trying to eat healthier.”

Stay Strong

If you feel like everyone is staring while the bowl of stuffing or mashed potatoes is passed to you, just pass it on and smile. Be firm and happy that you are making healthy decisions. Besides, they are probably staring because you look different and are noticeably happy.

The major rules for holiday eating are simple. First, drink your protein shake before leaving for the dinner or holiday function. Secondly, bring your own appetizers or bariatric friendly dish. Lastly, eat the turkey or ham first, followed by salad or vegetable dishes. You should be full by this time!

A few tips: A dollop of gravy can jazz up your turkey, make it more moist and fill you up faster! Also remember that while crab, ranch or artichoke dips can be hard to resist, utilize your veggie trays to enjoy with the dips.

Following these simple rules will allow to enjoy the holidays and your healthy lifestyle!