My name is Julie Hurst and Dr. Umbach did my surgery on December 4, 2014. Since then I have lost 85 lbs., not to mention dozens of inches. I went from a size 22 to currently a size 10.

Believe me, this is not an “easy fix” to weight loss. I have had to work very hard.

This weight loss has taught me to eat better and live a healthier life. I no longer snore, I have more energy. I only drink water, that is it. No soda, juice, nothing but water. I cook with bariatric cookbooks, cut way way down on carbs and sugar. I eat sugar free and bake sugar free.  I take all my vitamins everyday and I feel TERRIFIC!!

Thank you Dr. U and to all your wonderful staff who helped me with my life changing journey.

*This is an actual testimonial, however, individual results may vary

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Tom Umbach

Tom Umbach

Bariatrics is Dr. Umbach’s Passion! His practice is 100% devoted to helping Las Vegas gastric sleeve and gastric bypass clients achieve healthier lifestyles. It brings him great pleasure to see clients shed their excess weight and enjoy the simple pleasures of life – playing with their children or grandchildren, riding a roller coaster for the first time, or starting to date and travel.

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