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My name is Randa Summers and I have always been an overweight child. Ever since I was little, that’s all I could remember. Ever since first grade I was bullied quite a lot and food was the way that I turned and that became my addiction.

Up into high school I continued to get bigger and bigger and bigger and I was always the biggest person in class. I went up to 315 pounds.

I was borderline diabetic. I was also having quite a lot of back issues and I was to the point where I couldn’t stand on my feet for more than an hour. My knees would swell because the cartilage was slowly wearing down.

I just remember my mom calling me one day and saying I heard about this doctor, Dr. Umbach and he does weight loss surgery and to me it had never been one of those options.

I always thought well, if I wanted to lose the weight I was going to have to workout. Well I couldn’t work out because my knees hurt and there were so many things that were pushing against me, as well as depression and suicidal thoughts. So I just accepted that I was just going to die one day and it was probably going to be from my weight.

My mother continued to talk to me and said “Let’s do it! Let’s do it! It’s time to start living.”

So that’s what we did. Me and my mother, on the same day got the gastric sleeve and now that we’re over a year out, I have lost over 90 pounds and I feel fantastic.

Quite a few of my health issues have gone away. I don’t have high blood pressure anymore. I’m no longer in fear of having diabetes creep up on me and the cartilage in my knees is starting to repair itself slowly, but surely.

I couldn’t have asked for a better journey and I got to do it with my mom.

So if you’re thinking about this, then just know that this is the time. This is the time today to live, because you don’t know how many days you’ve got left and I didn’t know how many days I had and now I know I’m going to be able to live my life.


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