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Use these three tips to help you to lose a fast FIVE pounds for the beginning of the year! Rise up and take control. Your Bariatric Pouch or Sleeve is still just four little ounces! Let’s do this!

This isn’t necessarily about regain, it’s about restarting. In those first seven months after surgery, it seems as if nothing can stop the weight from falling off, but then it all stops and it’s then up to you. If old habits have not been redirected, this is how you start losing again.

1. Stop Buying Bread

Sound too simple? It is! If there isn’t any bread you can’t eat it. When there aren’t any crackers, you can’t eat them. When you open the fridge and there isn’t anything ‘good’, you close the door and walk away. Empty all the high carb foods from the fridge and pantry. Period. Fill the space with good choices. Back to Basics means no bread, pasta, cereal, corn, potatoes, rice, chips, crackers, cookies, etc. My poor husband wanted to make a turkey sandwich and we did not have bread. He will live.

2. Emphasize protein again!

Start your day with it and start each meal with it! Replace a missed meal with your whey protein shake or smoothie. Aim for 2-3 ounces of protein source and brightly-colored veggies or green veggies with each meal.

3. Move!

Swim, walk, yoga, hit the gym, bike, dance. As little as 20 minutes five times a week will help you restart your weight loss again.


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