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Woman After Traveling for Bariatric SurgeryMedical tourism is growing as a result of clients willingness to travel to other parts of the country (or to other countries) for various medical services, including bariatric surgery. Although we cannot attest to the caliber of client care that individuals might experience when traveling out of the United States for bariatric surgery, we can attest to the excellent reputation that Las Vegas bariatric surgeon Dr. Thomas Umbach has earned as a compassionate and skilled weight loss surgeon. Thanks to his stellar reputation combined with his high client satisfaction rate, clients from throughout North America often travel to Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas, Nev., for their weight loss surgery.

Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery Options

One of the reasons individuals are willing to make the journey to Las Vegas to receive weight loss surgery treatment from Dr. Umbach is that he offers a range of bariatric procedures designed to meet the unique needs of his clients. For instance, Dr. Umbach performs Stomaphyx bariatric surgery, a procedure that can be completed in half an hour and does not require any incisions. This minimally invasive bariatric surgery procedure is an excellent option for suitable candidates who are traveling for their weight loss surgery.

Online Resources

Another reason that out-of-town clients are willing to travel to Las Vegas for their bariatric surgery is that Blossom Bariatrics makes the process easy for individuals who live outside the Las Vegas area. Dr. Umbach is committed to providing his out-of-town clients with an experience that is as convenient and stress-free as possible.

To this end, Blossom Bariatrics offers a secure online management program where clients can safely upload their medical records. He also provides phone consultations, an online checklist of actions that must be taken before the day of surgery, online access to the required forms, online information about the available bariatric procedures, hotel information, directions to the Blossom Bariatrics office and more.

Las Vegas Fun

Aside from Dr. Umbach’s stellar reputation, his outstanding client care, the range of available bariatric surgery options and Blossom Bariatrics’ convenient online resources, there is another reason that so many clients travel to Blossom Bariatrics for their weight loss surgery: to visit the Las Vegas area as part of their weight loss experience. Las Vegas is an exciting city filled with so much to see and do — the perfect place to celebrate the start of your new, healthier life!

To schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Umbach to learn more about your weight loss surgery options, please contact Blossom Bariatrics by calling (702) 463-3300.