The Truth About Traveling to Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery

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These people went to Mexico for weight-loss surgery - now they regret it
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Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico For Weight Loss Surgery?

The cheap price tag on weight loss surgeries abroad — particularly in Mexico — are drawing a growing number of Americans and Canadians who can’t afford to have the operations done in the US. But choosing a clinic abroad can lead to long-term medical complications. It’s important to understand and consider all of the risks associated with traveling to Mexico for weight loss surgery.

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Is it safe to travel to Mexico for Wight Loss Surgery

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism, also known as medical travel or health tourism, is a term initially coined by travel agencies and the mass media to describe the rapidly-growing practice of traveling to another country to obtain healthcare.

For nearly 10 years, we’ve worked closely with medical tourism companies and patients to obtain affordable bariatric surgery at Blossom Bariatrics, instead of traveling abroad. We’re excited to announce Blossom’s Fast Track program – designed to directly assist our traveling patients instead of using a third party medical tourism company! Our program includes hotel accommodations and ground transportation during a 5-day stay in beautiful Las Vegas!

What is Medical Tourism
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Why is Traveling to Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery So Common?

Some people who choose to travel to Mexico for weight loss surgery do so because bariatric surgery is not covered by their insurance company.

Other patients considering traveling to Mexico for weight loss surgery opt to circumvent insurance altogether and pay out of pocket fully so they do not have the adhere to insurance requirements and wait times – and the “cheap price” catches their eye. We are proud of offer one of the lowest cash prices in all of the US for weight loss surgery.

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US Standards vs. Standards Abroad

Medically & Legally

Mexico clinics do not have to adhere to the same guidelines as clinics and surgeons in the US. In the US, patients are protected by healthcare laws and practice standards.

Mexican law prohibits lawsuits. Yes, you read that correctly. Suing a physician for malpractice is never an option just south of the border because Mexican law does not allow for the same sorts of tort (personal injury) lawsuits that are common in the U.S.

Blossom Bariatrics has completed over 10,000 cases since its inception in 2008! We are one of few clinics in the United States with 3 board certified, fellowship trained bariatric surgeons on staff. Our team of over 50 dedicated bariatric professionals adhere to the strict guidelines of the ASMBS and take client care and client outcomes extremely seriously. Most procedures are performed at our dedicated surgery center,

US Standards vs. Standarsds Abroad
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Complications from Traveling to Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery

Complications from Traveling to Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery

Many US clinics and physicians refuse to treat complications from patients who travel outside of the country for care.

Insurance companies may deny coverage for complications related to traveling abroad for weight loss surgery.

Our American Board Certified Surgeons will treat patients with complications from other clinics including those outside of the country.

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