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Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery – Lower Body Exercises

Welcome to Blossom Bodies. Today we have two really amazing guest trainers with us, Kristen and Tiff from Riot Conditioning. They’re here to show you some really great tips.

Okay, today we’re going to talk to you about some lower body movements to start with. We’re going to work these major muscle groups. It’s really important to start with the major muscle groups because those are key to strengthening your joints. So many of you might have issues with your knees or your hips or your ankles. We start with these movements and do them slow and controlled to make sure that you implement them correctly and that you do the right form to strengthen your quads, your hamstrings, and your glutes. We’ll start with a lunge.

So, today we’re just going to use this bench, but you could use a chair. So you’re going to hold on to the chair or this bench and just do the lunge with the knee coming all the way down to the ground, stepping up. We’re going to have you do ten on one side and then you’ll switch and do ten on the other side.

Great, the next exercise will be just a squat. Now you can take a chair right behind you. We’ll use this bench again and you’re going to make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and you’re going to go ahead and sit down in that chair and come up. Now really focus on the muscle that your working right now, which would be my quadriceps and my glute muscles. Make sure you squeeze those and your out of your knees. You’re not using your knees. She’s also keeping her chest up and not bending over, but sitting back. Again, we’ll go for ten reps and you can do that three times.

Great, and our last exercise is…

Calf raises. We can do both feet at the same time, or single legged calf raise. So we’re going to squeeze at the top, slowly release it, and we’re going to do that for 10 reps, three times.

Okay, so those are three lower body exercises you can implement to really start to strengthen those major muscle groups. It’s really important to really secure those joints. We’re going to get out of the knees and we’re going to start building some awesome muscles down there.

Thank you for watching this episode of Blossom Bodies.

Now get out there and move.