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How are freedom and style interrelated?

Freedom is defined as: the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance.

Style’s definition is: the manner in which something is expressed or performed.

If a person has the freedom to act as they want, this would include being free to express themselves through their own sense of style. Unless you work or live somewhere that strictly enforces a dress code, you are free to express yourself both personally and professionally through the styles of clothing you choose to wear. Finding your personal style is all about confidence. Follow these three tips to help you in your journey to finding your personal style:

  1. Think of two people you admire-one person you admire professionally, and one person you admire personally. What personality traits are expressed in the clothing styles you admire on them?
  1. Take those traits and search Google images for [fill in the blank] clothing style ideas. As an example, if “powerful” is one of the traits you feel they express, then you would Google images for “powerful women (or men’s) clothing styles.” (Hint: Include the word “clothing,”  or you may have many other images come up!)
  1. The qualities you admire in other people are something to strive for in yourself. Start with clothing. Take one of the styles from the results of your image search, and try it for yourself. No matter how weird it may seem, try it once. Go to the store, purchase the outfit, wear it, and you will be surprised at the freedom you experience!

Freedom means different things to different people, but this July challenge yourself to be free to discover your personal style and express it with confidence.