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Fashion Tips for Any Body TypeFashion advice tends to be comprised of many “dont’s”: Don’t wear white after Labor Day, don’t wear stripes…you get the picture. Well, the team at Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas is here to tell you otherwise. Here are five fashion tips that work on a range of body types. Feel free to “do” the following!

#1: Accentuate Your Waist

Instead of hiding your waist in formless muumuus that can make you look bigger than you are, accentuate it! Try wearing a wrap dress that ties around the waist. Another option is to add a belt around the smallest section of your waist (on top of or just above your belly button). These tricks help to define an hourglass shape, so you look curvy in all the right places.

#2: Wear Stripes (!)

There is a stripe for every type of physique. You just have to choose the right one. You may not want to wear clothes with many thin, horizontal stripes that can make certain areas of the body look wider than they are. However, choosing thin vertical stripes will draw the eye up and down rather than sideways.

#3: Try Draping

Draping is every individual’s best friend. Well-placed draping can conceal “problem areas.” For instance, a one-piece swimsuit with ruching throughout the waist can conceal flaws around the midsection. Draping can also highlight areas of the body that you want to show off. For instance, simple draping on the top half of your body emphasizes the décolletage.

#4: Color Blocking Is Your Friend

Color blocking is another fashion trend that can conceal less-than-perfect areas while putting the focus on areas that you are proud of. For example, choosing a dress with pink on top and black on the bottom will draw the eye to your top half while moving the focus away from your bottom half.

#5: Tailor Your Clothes

Clothing that does not fit properly does not look good on anyone. Individuals with petite body types should have their pants and longer dresses tailored so they fit well on the bottom. Those with fuller figures should make sure their clothes are sleek. Frills and other overly embellished details will only add volume to the outfit. Also, make sure clothes are nipped and tucked in at the waist to, again, accentuate the waist and create the look of an hourglass figure.

With the right fashion tips, you will enjoy getting dressed each morning (or evening)!

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