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The BEST thing you can do as a weight loss surgery candidate before and after procedure is to increase your fitness level! The better your cardiovascular condition is before surgery, the fewer complications you’ll have during and after your surgery.

We just have to exercise!!! I know, I know… easier said than done right? If you’re considering bariatric surgery, then chances are you’re at a weight that restricts your mobility, as well as your ability to be physically active. Once the weight begins to drop, then you will gain more mobility and decrease the stress on your joints, and hopefully motivate you to continue and increase the intensity.

You don’t need a gym to get started. Here are 3 Fitness Tips to Get you moving!!

  1. Chair Squats:  Do this while you’re lounging, watching TV. During the commercials, stand up 20 times. If you can do this 5 times in 1 day, you’ve just knocked out 100 chair squats.
  2. Park Far:  When you park far, you are forced to walk.
  3. Exercise Bands:  If your BMI is greater than 35, then jogging and jumping will wreak havoc on your joints. By investing in exercise bands you can get blood flow to your muscles without even leaving your home! Here are some examples that are non-invasive but will get your blood flowing.