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8326540_sEvery question is a good question, and if you haven’t asked your question yet, it’s very likely another client (or twenty) have already asked. So I have started blogging about answers to your most common quandaries. These are concerns that post-operative clients share with me during clinic almost everyday. The most popular question this month:

Could four croutons (crackers, chips, etc.) a day really be sabotaging my weight loss efforts?

It seems like a trick question on a pop quiz.  It’s not a big deal. You do everything right. You don’t cut corners, and you don’t cheat. Except for those few tiny, crunchy pieces of bread that you have each day. They really hit the spot and get you through the afternoon. And they are soo small. How much harm are they really causing?

Well, A LOT actually. The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Four little croutons a day can stall your weight loss, and get you stuck on the notorious and frustrating weight-loss plateau.

6392310_sThe secret behind these mischievous little snacks has to do with your metabolism. Developing a fat burning metabolism is like growing an orchid; it’s a finicky little bugger that requires a lot of climate control. Eating starchy carbohydrates like croutons and crackers acts on your metabolism like a hailstorm on an orchid garden. Ouch!

According to current research, your metabolic rate reduces 2% each decade of your life, and this does not account for other metabolic foes such as medications, stress hormones, and desk jobs. Take control of what you can, and nurture a robust metabolism. You can do this by sticking to the good carbohydrates, and picking a crunchy snack that won’t set you back.

Below are a few examples of tasty, crunchy alternatives that are available for purchase at Blossom Bariatrics: