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Mallorie is our very first Movable Challenge winner. She successfully met (and exceeded) the “Add a Little Spring to Your Step” Challenge by achieving at least 10,000 moves every day for two weeks!

Mallorie started her weight loss journey with us on March 20th and was determined to make the most of it. She received the Movable Band and started religiously using it 5 days after her surgery.

When she heard about the “Add A Little Spring to Your Step Challenge,” she was determined to win. In fact, she started building support and accountability by telling others what she was up to and that she knew she could meet our challenge. On the days she looked at her band and noticed she was short about 1,000 moves or so, she’d go out for a second walk to make sure she hit her goal!

movable challenge movband-100020177-medium2Mallorie earned a $50 Visa Gift Card and a few extra Blossom Bonuses. But the real prize was establishing daily habits of health and wellness.

Way to go, Mallorie! Keep up the awesome work!

Keep your eyes open for more Movable Challenges and more chances to win!