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In the spirit of Independence Day…I encourage you to declare your independence from yucky, pasty protein powders or bars! There are many options available to make your protein shake your own, or great protein bars that are actually good for you and do not taste like cardboard.

My list of protein bar faves includes:

questbarQuest BarsThese are 100% whey protein, which is minimally processed and contains few ingredients. They have virtually no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners, which makes them pretty clean as far as protein bars go! Quest has amazing flavors to choose from. The favorite at the clinic now is Chocolate Mint.


powercrunchurlPower Crunch Bars– My other favorite whey protein bar. If you are tired of the chewy brownie-style type of bars, these bars offer a wafer-type texture with a delicious light crunch, and clean ingredients.


vegabarVega Sport Protein Bars– For my folks who enjoy plant-based or vegan sources of protein bars, this is my number one recommendation. Delicious and filling! These do not use soy, but rather rice and pea protein to give you a complete amino acid profile just like whey protein.


sweetleafFor folks who have tried so many flavors and brands of whey protein powders in search of the one that works…here’s an idea: purchase unflavored, unsweetened whey protein powder or egg white protein powder, and add your OWN ingredients! My favorite idea is to use the Sweetleaf brand of stevia in a 2 oz dropper container. This company has stevia in liquid form with more than 20 different flavors that are all natural. What a great way to flavor your protein shakes, greek yogurt or water!

As you are celebrating your freedoms this month, liberate yourself from tasteless protein powders or bars and feel free to try something new!