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Top 5 Foods to Avoid after Bariatric Surgery

Hi, I’m Michelle Phelan, Nutritionist at Blossom Bariatrics. Today we’re going to discuss a few very helpful tips for bariatric patients.

Today I’m here to discuss the top five foods to avoid after bariatric surgery. The first one on the list is high sugary, high calorie coffee drinks. Anything that’s a frappuccino, anything that looks like a coffee milkshake, kick it to the curb. Those are one of the worst culprits ever.

Alright, number two, processed carbs. Now you all know about these, but somehow they still find a way to sneak back into your pantry and into your cupboards, alright? So here we go and I’m going to name them, bread, pasta, cereal, granola, chips, crackers, cookies, bagels, muffins, english muffins, little mini cupcakes, pies, little tiny 100 calorie snack packs. Those are some of the worst culprits ever.

The third thing, of course, is salad dressings. You think you’re doing great with a delicious salad, but then you pile on a high calorie salad dressing that’s full of a fat that’s not beneficial. The best way to go is an olive oil based salad dressing like Italian, olive-oil vinaigrette. Of course, these are all the best choices.

Number four, high sugar energy drinks, these are really, really one of the top things. People think they are doing a great job because it says high energy, B vitamins, other amino acids, but if you look at the sugar content, typically they’re at least 24-48 grams of sugar per serving. You also have to remember, usually those big cans or those big containers carry two to three servings. So if you just finish off one you’re actually getting three times the amount of sugar that’s listed per serving on the label on the back.

Number five, smoothies, now we need to pay attention folks. Smoothies don’t automatically equal health. Now protein smoothies made with your whey protein isolate powder or your plant based protein powder, those are what I’m talking about, if you don’t add a lot of fruit and other things in there like chocolate syrup and all that deliciousness, we need to make sure that when we say smoothies it’s very, very lean on the fruit so those fruit smoothies at those wonderful delicious Jamba Juice and tropical smoothie places, even if you add whey protein as the option, you’re still getting way too much fruit and way too much sugar. So the ratio is off. Keep your smoothies protein based.

Thanks for watching. If you would like more tips and information, please visit our website at Have a healthy day.